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Birth Control

When it comes to pregnancy prevention... You've got options!

Did you know that getting your birth control doesn't always require an in-person visit to your Primary Care doctor or Gynecologist? 


At Balance Women's Virtual Wellness, we understand that women are often juggling an endless number of responsibilities that may include being a busy mom, wife, student, working professional, entrepreneur, or even a stay-at-home mom and it is so important to have access to healthcare that is both high quality and convenient! 

Now offering virtual contraception visits that are affordable and designed to meet your scheduling needs.

Whether you are at home in your PJ's, relaxing at the beach, in-between classes, or every mom's favorite place to be - the car rider line (insert sarcasm), we are just a video call away. Using Balance's virtual platform you can be almost anywhere and still meet with our Nurse Practitioner to receive a same-day prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice for most birth control options. 

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Request a virtual visit today!. It's easy, fast and secure.

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